Kayamono Special Rolls

Rainbow Roll 
California roll topped with assorted raw fish  10.49
Tropicana Roll 
mango, butter fish, mayo, tobiko  9.49
Green Dragon Roll 
dynamite roll with avocado on top  10.99
Red Dragon Roll 
dynamite roll with salmon on top  10.99
Black Dragon Roll 
dynamite roll with BBQ eel on top  11.99
Vegetarian Dragon Roll 
yam tempura and asparagus with avocado on top 10.49
Spider Roll 
soft-shell crab, tobiko, avocado, cucumber & mayo  11.49
Rock & Roll 
crab, shrimp tempura, cucumber & cream cheese  8.49
B.C. Roll (6pcs)
butter fish, salmon, avocado, cucumber & tobiko  8.99
Spicy California Roll 
California roll with spicy bits on top  8.99
Golden California Roll 

Volcano Roll (5pcs)
lightly battered deep fried salmon & asparagus roll  9.49
Love Roll (4pcs)  
salmon with tuna on top 10.49
Pink Lady  
spicy crab roll with smoked salmon on top 10.49
Kamikaze Roll 
spicy tuna top with avocado & tobiko  10.49
Philadelphia Roll (6pcs) 
smoked salmon, cucumber & cream cheese  8.49
Ocean Roll (6pcs) 
salmon, tuna, butterfish & tobiko with spicy sauce  7.99
Dynamite (Hand Roll 3.50) 
shrimp tempura, tobiko, avocado, cucumber & mayo 8.49
Sakura Roll (5pcs)  
avocado, tempura bits & spicy sauce 8.49
Salmon Salad Roll (5pcs) 
cucumber, avocado, tobiko wrapped with salmon 10.49
Cucumber Salad Roll (5pcs) 
crab, avocado, tobiko wrapped with cucumber 9.49
Ichiban Roll (8pcs)spider roll with salmon on top 14.49
Mountain Roll (6pcs) 
tempura white fish, cucumber, topped with spicy grilled scallop & crab 10.49
Hawaii Roll mango, shrimp, mayo with avocado on top 9.99
Deluxe Dragon Roll 
tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, tobiko topped with assorted fish & tempura bits 12.49
Hott’s Roll 
deep fried roll with mango, salmon & cream cheese 10.49
Crazy Roll BBQ 
eel, cheese, avocado & tempura bits  10.99
House Special Roll 
rainbow roll topped with grilled house special sauce & tobiko 12.49
Kisses of Fire Roll 
spicy crab & avocado with seared butterfish on top  12.49
Fire & Ice Roll (8pcs) 
deep fried roll tuna white tuna cream cheese spicy mayonnaise and BBQ sauce 10.99
Kayamono Roll (8pcs)
shrimp tempura banana topped with tuna tempura bits spicy mayonnaise 11.99
Fire House Roll 
deep fried roll salmon crab meat cucumber cream cheese BBQ sauce 10.99
New York Roll  
salmon, crab meat, vocado, tobiko8.50
Fruit Roll  
mango banana6.99
Salmon on Fried Roll
crabmeat avo cream cheese top with salmon spicy sauce and BBQ sauce oven baked 10.99
Snow & Fire Roll 
crabmeat avo cream cheese top with oven baked red snapper BBQ sauce
and green onion
Kaya Squid Roll 
squid, crabmeat, mayo, tobiko, cucubmer 9.99

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